Book Review: The Lake House

I absolutely loved the novel The Lake House by Kate Morton. It was beautifully written, had multiple character perspectives, and the mystery of it all kept you guessing right up to the very end. I look forward to reading more of Morton’s books in the future.

In June of 1933, 11 month old, Theo Edevane, goes missing from his crib during his family’s Midsummer Eve party at their country home called, Loeanneth. After an extensive search Theo is still missing and there is no evidence or clues to where he could be. The Edevane family decides to close up the country home and return to London, never returning to Loeanneth again. Seventy years later, detective Sadie Sparrow goes to her grandfathers cottage in Cornwall after a troubling case. While there she discovers the story of Theo Edevane and she cannot seem to let it go. Alice Edevane, who was 16 at the time of her brothers disappearance, is now living in London and is a famous author of murder mystery novels. Alice has spent her life trying to escape what happened in the summer of 1933, but when Sadie Sparrow starts reaching out and asking her questions about her family’s past, all of the secrets Alice has spent seventy years trying to escape from, threaten to come out.

This novel kept me guessing, even up to the final pages. Right when I thought I had it figured out, something else completely unexpected would happen, and I would be left trying to figure it out all over again. I also loved that this book jumped back and forth between time periods. It was interesting getting to know the characters at the different stages of their life. Every single character in this novel held a secret. That kept me guessing throughout the whole book because when one secret was revealed, another secret would end up coming out. This book had it all. It had romance, mystery, family drama, historical references, etc.

I gave this book 4/5 stars and would highly recommend it. I cannot wait to read more books by Morton and I feel as if I will love them as much as I loved this one. If you like romance, historical fiction, and mystery, this is the book for you.


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